Skipper’s Smokehouse

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Words In Progress

There are some events in life that touch us but never let us know why. There are some people in life that become a part of who we are without ever knowing it. There are some things in life you simply can’t explain; all you can do is trust that that feeling inside of you that tells you its right is telling you the truth, unlike much else in this dishonest world we know all too well.

Today, Skipper’s Smokehouse was one of those unexplainable moments in my life. I went in to what looked like a dump and found a universe of music like nothing I had encountered before. It’s hard to describe. Where do I start; do I write about the awe-inspiring energy of loving life that filled the warm, greasy air? Or do I talk about the music that has inspired me to write about the experience, simply because I cannot contain the emotions that overwhelm my much too small heart at this early hour of what is to be another ordinary day? Or maybe I should begin with the immeasurable amount of creative artistry that unfolded throughout the evening, one tune at a time, without hesitation, without tire, succeeding with every song not to fail. Or maybe I should start with the thought of how grateful I am to that realm of music that has refrained from the commercial to give us, its chosen audience, the privilege of taking home something that must belong to each one of us alone.

Lost for an idea of where to begin, I have found words tonight not in the knowledge of my mind but in the strings of my heart which resounds this music time and again so my ears will let my head rest in sleep. My brief encounter with Christie Lenee, an artist beyond her time and that of any time past or to come in the near future, all I have to say is that tonight I was reintroduced to the spirit of music. When in India, I always wondered what it would be like to come face to face with somebody who understood what really lies behind music. Somebody who recognizes a song not for the millions that it would earn, but more for the memories it would paint for a somebody listener. Somebody who wrote a song not because they signed a contract, but because within themselves something longed to be heard. Someone who knew that if they shared their spirit, they may just help resurrect another’s. I found out what that feeling is tonight. It is, in the words of a writer, not something that can be spelled out; it’s something we must each find for ourselves for in that quest we find that the journey was worth it only because the end is just as we imagined it would be.

That is how Christie Lenee music made me feel. To each one, a different experience. To each one, a different tale to tell. To each their own and this a must for without our own truths, we find our lies no good to tell. If there ever was a soul to music, tonight I found it. And this truth is one that I will never let fly.

  1. CM-Chap says:

    >Wonderful flow of words… Lovely choice of words to express.Also now you made me curious abt Christie lee..(yeah I'm such a dumbo whn it comes to music)

  2. Raghav says:

    >Gaundamani's Voice: "Start Mooojik !"

  3. rurero says:

    I sooo agree with your first paragraph; well said.

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