Love Is A Four Letter Word

Posted: July 7, 2009 in Words In Progress

They always say when you fall in love, you should give it a 150 percent. The sad part is nobody ever tells you what the return on your investment will be. Nobody tells you about the heart-wrenching days of wanting to end your misery when the one person you thought you were meant to spend your life with decides to walk out on you, never turning back to see the damage they’ve caused to the one asset that can never be bought again — your spirit.

So as the sad story of the happiness that lies in love goes, truth be told, love is possibly one of the most intense emotions that we as creatures of the higher sense experience. We write poems serenading love, we write stories talking about the greatest loves of our life, we compose in the sweetest notes that one tune that we will never raise the bar to, we take some of our best learned lessons from love and we lose a large part of ourselves to the feeling that at one point or the other makes or breaks our very selves. Whether or not we like to admit it, we are victims of loving someone. For some, that love lasts forever. For us less fortunate, that feeling is fleeting, lasting only long enough to remind us when we lose it, that once again we are company only to the loneliness that let’s us know that wherever we may be in this world or whoever we may become, the spotlight is only temporary after which we return to the permanent void.

To have loved and lost and loved and lost, and loved and lost once again, the practice of loving someone returns to being a theory, a wonder much like what we experience while we’re growing up and discovering the new feats of life. Except this time around the discovery has been made and we are clear about how dreadful treading this much trodden path can actually be.

But still we trudge on, in the hope that sometime or the other we will cross the border and join the ones on the side of fortune. In our quest, we learn that no matter how hard we try not to get hurt or not to put ourselves up for the fall, we take the shot time and again, only to fall harder and every single time, get back up stronger.

It is the honest truth – love is a four letter word. In more ways than one.

  1. >Very true… Im one among the whole lot…

  2. Sam Obeid says:

    >Hehehehe…thanks da…

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