Read Between The Lines – That’s Where The Truth Hides

Posted: November 23, 2009 in Words In Progress

Every time I read your words
My hope re-emerges
Only to be crushed again
By the truth of your dishonesty

The disguised messages with your every syllable
The hatred that lay within each truth I thought you told
The poison that spilled from your lips
As your hand wrote each promise broken even before being made

Words, my own companion, my sanctity, my saviour, my self
Used against my soul
How did I fail to see through you?
How did I fail to understand that you fell far from home?
How does the thorn of emotion blind the mind without a single touch?

Like the splinter that stays below the skin never to surface
The venom stays with me
Trying my spirit
Killing my soul
For every time that I have risen out of the ashes

This time I wonder
If luck will stand by my side again
And strength will me strong
One last time, one last breath

  1. rurero says:

    Well written, but I would really love to hear some romantic optimism from you some day đŸ™‚
    Hopefully you won’t nee to add another fifty years to your life before you can look at it in spite of al its s**t and say, “Life is good.”

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