Posted: January 18, 2011 in Words In Progress

My stupid head. Keep thoughts to yourself. Don’t share. Don’t tell. Don’t pun. Don’t spin. Don’t think. Don’t think twice. Don’t sing. Don’t smile. Don’t sigh. Don’t remember. Don’t wonder why. Don’t ask why. Please stop speaking.

Everyday, every hour, every second, every minute. Who, why, when, what? Who are you to ask all of these questions? Why can’t you just accept things the way the are instead of analyzing everything my eyes see? When did it become okay to question the norm and not be called crazy? What are you thinking…change the world, really? Don’t you ever go to sleep.

Sleep and there you are. Waiting for me in the distance, that evil grin on fluid visage. Waiting for me, beckoning me, sweet slumber kisses from your lips take me on a journey that wakes me sometimes in sadness, others in anger and more often than not, drizzling in a sickly sweat that keeps me questioning the thin line between reality and the sandman’s kingdom. Why won’t you ever leave me alone?

Just when I’ve convinced myself that the world is always right and I’m forever wrong. Just when I’ve begun to accept conformity as my new watchword. Just when I’ve decided to give up the fight for difference and live the happy life being like everybody else, there you are, with that blessed grin plastered all over your face again.

Why the consistent conversations? Why do you use the cavern where you lay as a battleground? Why do all your exalted speeches resonate within me? Don’t raise your voice just because I pretend not to listen. You know I hear every word you say. I have no choice. One by one, like red, hot bricks being laid to pave a village road, you burn a piece of yourselves into me. Except you’re the brick that will never come apart, never fall away, never worn from being tread on.

You are the one thing I wish to run the farthest from yet, you are my most prized possession.

  1. rurero says:

    >Sam, don 't ever stop the questioning; don't ever convince yourself that it is best to conform – it will not make you happy. Be yoursel; you grow stronger as you go, and even though as a human you will never be able to completely disentangle yourself form the crowd – the crowd is part of us, you will gain a better perspective that helps you value your own self.

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