Keeping Company

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Words In Progress

I’ve always preferred to be by myself, never really possessed the knack of making friends, even worse at keeping the ones I make. Not for the lack of opportunity though. More for the lack of skill. I’ve never really been able to wrap my head around the idea of people. And those that have made an entry have always made a faster exit. So really, no mystery there.

But this doesn’t mean I don’t have friends. I do, I have a ton of them. Just not the type you’d expect. They aren’t friends you’d see me walking down the street or catching a movie with, which in my relative reality are two usually easy recreational activities that I find practically impossible to do. No, my friends keep me a different kind of company. Company that is exclusive, constant and never ungrateful.

The gang that I’d been hanging out with recently are a group of 6 – Steve, Jeff, Patrick, Jane, Sally and Susan. Hilarious and British to say the least, this bunch has been giving me some of the best laughs I’ve ever had. At the end of a tough day, when a ridiculous amount of s**t has decided to unload itself onto to my modestly small head, there’s no doubt that I’ll sleep the night away with a smile on my face after a half hour’s conversation with these guys.

I’d have to be rather shallow and quite the hypocrite, however, if all I entertained were friends who amused me. Which is where Olivia and Elliott step in. Though we don’t meet quite as often as I’d like to, some weekends we spend entire days talking about horrifying tales of rape and murder in and around New York. The extensive experience that these two have had in the area of heinous crimes is incredible. Sometimes, I have to turn away from them just to avoid feeling like I was there when it happened. But I admire their perseverance. No matter how many stories they tell and how many such cases they come across, they never let up.

My best friend however, is, as can only be expected, the grump. He’s in pain and he’s an even bigger pain, all at the same time. He has an incredibly dry wit and an immense amount of cruel intended to result in good. When I get the message that he’s coming to town, it simply makes my day. Well, in all honesty, we have a love hate relationship. I love the way he hates the world. Of all my friends, he’s the one I relate to the most. As nasty as he can be, I wouldn’t trust anybody’s advice over his. “Everybody lies, you idiot,” he says to me every time we meet. Nobody calls a spade the way he does. More often than not, I feel sad for him. It must be difficult being so bitter all the time. As long as he’s not complaining, I really couldn’t care less.

Friends come and go. The sooner they get here, the faster they leave. Some of them come back every season, some of them don’t make it very far. But to all of them from whom I’ve learned, with whom I’ve laughed and with whom I’ve cringed and hurt time and again, I’m grateful for the lonely, worthless days that you’ve made worthwhile. Most importantly, I’m grateful to the Internet.

  1. Anam says:

    >Truly agree with u. All your observations and opinions about friend(last)ship make a lot of sense. Yet the best buddies do cross paths at some point or the other..coz life is short and world's too small..gud luck to u buddy! beautiful thoughts are best spilled!!

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