Samira Obeid

An Aries with a reputation for always being on top (I know, I know), I enjoy believing that my every dream will one day become a daily reality. A music aficionado, if I’m not stuck to my headphones, then I probably need the paramedics. I have a knack for words and quite apparently, they truly love me too. I am admittedly a workaholic and while I’m not thinking about my clients’ ever-growing demands, I am either plotting my next script or planning my next travel. I love food, though I may not look like it. Quit judging. My favorite de-stress mechanism is hours spent over the stove cooking up something I read off the Internet while sipping on tea or a glass of wine. I keep my friends at arm’s length and enemies at guillotine distance. I have a tendency to confuse people with my acceptance of thought and reluctance to give advice; in fact, the less I give it, the more I am disliked…I suppose some kind of vague mathematical equation from a time long-forgotten may explain it. I, for one, haven’t quite sought out the answer. Professionally, I’ve been writing for over 8 years. Beginning with automobiles, I moved from writing features on vintage car and bike rallies, and local car races to advertising. I’ve had the privilege of working with great talent on accounts spanning fashion, property development, food, beverage and hospitality, and non-profit organizations, to name a few sectors. The tag line is to plan every move while living each one in the moment without knowing where the next one is headed.

Yours truly,



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